Assam minister, MLA shown black flags by anti-CAA agitators

Even the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), enacted each 30 days, had induced widespread protests around Assam, since people worried their individuality and civilization may be at stake if prohibited settlers out of neighboring Bangladesh had been forced valid taxpayers.

Sarma,'' who's additionally the north east Democratic Alliance convener, was heading in direction of Nurul Amin arena in Nagaon district, even when AASU along with AJYCP members hurried in direction of his convoy and increased'return straight back' and'CAA Ami namanu' (we usually do not acknowledge CAA) slogans, even though putting black flags .  They agitators ended up however, over powered by authorities and shot in custody.

The ministry needed, within a previous situation, explained he"finds white when dark signs have been expelled".

At Kamrup district, Deka,'' BJP MLA in Nagaon's Batadrava constituency, was likewise greeted with protests and shameful flags by AASU activists, in accordance with stories.  Even the legislator needed to produce her way throughout the agitation into this reach that the place.
Guwahati, Jan 26: Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma along with BJP legislator Angoorlata Deka had been exhibited black flags from anti-CAA protesters in two locations from their country Sunday, once these were in the way to wait republic-day programmes.

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